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Sākumcena €2,17 / mēnesis €3,07 / mēnesis
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Kuponi 2 kuponi
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Uzticamība 2.0
Cenas 2.0
Lietotājiem draudzīgs 3.0
Atbalsts 1.0
Iespējas 2.0
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Great Tech Support
Elisabeth Archambault,
I have high praise for the technical support team at KnownHost. I have a few sites on a KnownHost server and needed help to migrate another site from an outside host. It was a complex migration at the limits of my skill level... Vairāk s, and the technical team helped with many tweaks to get some very old software working on the new server. The job took half a week and many ticket updates but the site has been running smoothly for a month now. The job was outside the scope of their free migration help but the fee I paid was money well spent. I interacted with several people on the team and every one had a cheerful, can-do attitude. And got the job done!!! I am a very happy camper. Mazāk
Pēdējā negatīvā atsauksme
Very Poor Support
John Irvine,
Recently my client and I both lost our email services on a phurix host. It was reported to normal support and through their 'urgent' support route but their response was nothing, not even an acknowledgement. 10 days later and... Vairāk many emails from us and still no response.
I was on the basic personal option but my client was on small business level option and loss of emails was a serious issue for them so we had no choice but to move to another host. I changed our MX records to point to the new host and got our email functionality back instantly, then I redirect our nameservers. This issue was not the only time we've had poor support so moving hosts had already been discussed; this was the final straw though.
The new host is fastcomet.com and actually worked out cheaper than phurix as we're combining our domains onto the one host, but price is not the main concern, it's the support and so far it has been very good from fastcomet, with a support ticket and online chat options available - something that phurix used to have but dispensed with several years ago unfortunately.
Also their claimed 100% reliability is only on the network connectivity - it doesn't include server downtime!
There may be a solid reason for their total lack of support but as we don't know what this is we didn't have much choice; they've hosted several domains for me for over 10 years but loyalty only goes so far, bye bye phurix.
Dreadful support - site down for 3 days
Tony Featherstone,
Worst mistake of my life was signing up with these guys. One of my accounts was hacked and their abuse team sent me an email alerting me to the files that were malicious. I deleted all of them except one (which I missed by mi... Vairāk stake). Because of this, on a Friday night, they shut my site down - took it off line. Then they give me the spin that their 'abuse team' is different from their "support team" and they only work 9-5 monday to friday - no after hours support. So my site is now offline until Monday at the earliest. Dreadful service, in no way fit for a professional business to rely on. Please learn from my mistake, avoid these guys at all costs. Mazāk
Koplietošanas hostings
3 plāni no €2,17 līdz €10,73 3 plāni no €3,07 līdz €8,82
Zem $4


€2,45 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 100.04 MB
  • Joslas platums: 10.04 GB
  • Panelis: cpanel
Skatīt plānu Personal

Basic Shared Hosting

€3,47 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 5 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
  • Panelis: cpanel
  • Vietņu skaits: 1
Skatīt plānu Basic Shared Hosting
Zem $8


€6,10 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 1 GB
  • Joslas platums: 30 GB
  • Panelis: cpanel
Skatīt plānu Family

Standard Shared Hosting

€6,47 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 20 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
  • Panelis: cpanel
  • Vietņu skaits: 5
Skatīt plānu Standard Shared Hosting
Vairāk nekā $10

Small business

€12,13 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 2 GB
  • Joslas platums: 60.01 GB
  • Panelis: cpanel
Skatīt plānu Small business

Professional Shared Hosting

€9,97 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: Neierobežots
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
  • Panelis: cpanel
Skatīt plānu Professional Shared Hosting
3 plāni no €17,15 līdz €68,61 10 plāni no €4,42 līdz €88,42
Zem $4
Zem $8

Entry Unmanaged VPS

€5,00 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 20 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
Skatīt plānu Entry Unmanaged VPS
Vairāk nekā $10


€19,40 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 4 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
Skatīt plānu Silver

Entry Plus Unmanaged

€10,00 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 40 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
Skatīt plānu Entry Plus Unmanaged
Pilnīgais serveris
3 plāni no €68,21 līdz €123,88 11 plāni no €43,33 līdz €329,81
Zem $4
Zem $8
Vairāk nekā $10


€77,14 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 512 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
Skatīt plānu Entry

Dual Intel Xeon E5620

€49,00 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 240 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
Skatīt plānu Dual Intel Xeon E5620
Mākoņu hostings
4 plāni no €44,21 līdz €106,10
Zem $4
Zem $8
Vairāk nekā $10

Basic Cloud

€50,00 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 60 GB
  • Joslas platums: 2 TB
Skatīt plānu Basic Cloud
Tīmekļa veidotājs
2 plāni no €5,29 līdz €8,82
Zem $4
Zem $8

Entry Level WordPress

€5,98 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 50 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
Skatīt plānu Entry Level WordPress
Vairāk nekā $10

Business Level WordPress

€9,98 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 100 GB
  • Joslas platums: Neierobežots
Skatīt plānu Business Level WordPress
4 plāni no €6,16 līdz €24,29
Zem $4
Zem $8

Basic Reseller Hosting

€6,97 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 25 GB
  • Joslas platums: 800.05 GB
  • Panelis: cpanel
Skatīt plānu Basic Reseller Hosting
Vairāk nekā $10

Standard Reseller Hosting

€9,97 / mēn.
  • Atstarpe: 50 GB
  • Joslas platums: 1.17 TB
  • Panelis: cpanel
Skatīt plānu Standard Reseller Hosting
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