Hosting Rating Methodology


Response Time

  • One Star – anything over 24 hours is unacceptable, including email support
  • Two Stars – average response times to respond to a customer’s service request, approximately 12 hours
  • Three Stars – mismatch across channels, for instance, immediate responses on live chat, but slow response times on email or ticketing systems (takes days to resolve a single issue)
  • Four Stars – consistency across channels, agents being on the same page, clear and consistent messaging, and above-average response times
  • Five Stars – under a minute response time on live chat (preferably 6-15 seconds), instant connection to phone support, up to one hour for email and ticketing system


  • One Star – customer support isn’t accessible at all times, 24/7
  • Two Stars – support agents aren’t synchronized; they don’t represent the company culture in the same ways, significant variations in the responses’ quality depending on the active agent
  • Three Stars – support agents don’t always set the right expectations and might not know when to refuse a request that’s not under their area of authority/responsibility
  • Four Stars – support agents set the right expectations, keep information flowing both ways, and stay true to the company’s values
  • Five Stars – customers can always reach support 24/7/365 and expect the same level of quality each time they connect with customer service (the highest consistency levels)


  • One Star – customers find it challenging to find a common language with support agents; the conversation usually takes the form of an argument
  • Two Stars – support agents act overly protective of their interests and tend to be right, not putting the customers first
  • Three Stars – “nonchalant” support agents that try to finish the conversation faster, not better; still, they stick to the company’s values and tend to respresent it in a good way
  • Four Stars – support agents demonstrate sound judgment, honesty, dependability, and loyalty, backed up by a strong surveillance system (i.e., a rating system appears after the conversation so that the customer can fill in a form)
  • Five Stars – the support service lives up to the commitment made either through explicit statements or implicitly through behavior, even when no one is “watching”

Courtesy & Patience 

  • One Star – impatient customer support agents, explaining the processes on a higher level, not understandable to a beginner
  • Two Stars – dedicated agents to resolving one’s issue, one way or another
  • Three Stars – professional and helpful support willing to cooperate with first-time users to understand things from their point of view
  • Four Stars – super-friendly support agents open for communication across multiple channels; willing to adjust their language to the customer’s level of skill and understanding
  • Five Stars – polite and patient customer support agents, willing to repeat the same process, offering various solutions for a single problem so that the customer can implement the easiest one across various channels (live chat, or even phone) to get closer to the customer


  • One Star – support agents don’t always stay calm under stress and lack the skill for conflict resolution
  • Two Stars –agents don’t know the company’s services well; thus, they aren’t genuinely reliable and helpful
  • Three Stars – customer service demonstrates positive attitudes and a high willingness to learn and assist the customer
  • Four Stars – the agents are very well organized; each person holds themselves accountable for their actions and has specific tasks within the organization
  • Five Stars – customer support agents are solution-oriented, entirely reliable, demonstrate high standards, and show that they care about every aspect of their job and the customer’s well-being

Providing Solutions

  • One Star – the customer can rely exclusively on self-help or no help at all
  • Two Stars – a comprehensive Knowledge base, FAQ, or video tutorials that explains almost all issues a customer can face with the provider are available
  • Three Stars – customers support agents are available to resolve the issue over live chat, phone, email, or ticketing system 
  • Four Stars – 24/7 available support agents are willing to guide the customer in solving their issue or resolving it themselves if possible and preferred 
  • Five Stars – customer support offers multiple solutions for a single problem, depending on the user’s level of understanding (beginner or pro)

Phone Support 

  • One Star – no phone support available
  • Two Stars – automated support system, backed up by tutorials and canned responses
  • Three Stars – human customer support representatives available during work hours
  • Four Stars – 24/7/365 available customer support agents
  • Five Stars – multilingual phone support service available around-the-clock, 24/7/365

Chat Support

  • One Star – no live chat support
  • Two Stars – chatbot available 24/7 providing automated responses (usually insufficient)
  • Three Stars – customized chatbot service available 24/7, redirecting customers to helpful step-by-step tutorials within the provider’s Knowledgebase 
  • Four Stars – human-powered, fast, and helpful chat support available during work hours
  • Five Stars – live chat support agents available round-the-clock, 24/7/365, providing fast responses, helpful guidance, or a solution to the customer’s problem (preferably in multiple languages)

Email Support 

  • One Star – no email support available
  • Two Stars – automated email templates for customer support, such as welcome emails with login details, but response times might take days
  • Three Stars – very helpful but pretty slow email support, with over 24 hours of response time
  • Four Stars – email support with a few hours of response time, providing helpful guidance and resolution of problems
  • Five Stars – email support agents that respond as soon as possible, apologize for the negative experience, explain and provide context to the customer, and, if needed, offer an incentive, discount, or a refund

Ticket Support

  • One Star – no ticketing system available
  • Two Stars – poorly designed ticketing system with slow response times, no automation, and insufficient responses for the customer
  • Three Stars – a reliable ticketing system, but pretty slow response times
  • Four Stars – a well-developed ticketing system offering concise subject lines (a few options to choose from) and space to describe the issue in detail with average response times
  • Five Stars – the support service is very fast to respond (1 to 3 hours); the agents resolve all customer inquiries and prioritize more severe issues


  • One Star – more expensive plans than competitors offering the same value
  • Two Stars – very cheap plans due to lack of features or quality of service
  • Three Stars – good money for quality but costly extras, significantly increasing the price of the base plan 
  • Four Stars – average prices for the value, sufficient number of freebies, and cheap add-ons
  • Five Stars – excellent price to value ratio, money-back guarantee, or a sufficient free trial to test the service


Useful Tools

  • One Star – no free goods included in the offer, nor available as extras
  • Two Stars – helpful tools are available as add-ons at an extra charge
  • Three Stars – the plan includes a user-friendly control panel (cPanel), free domain, and SSL certificate
  • Four Stars – more extensive offer, including backups, Website Builder, pre-installed apps
  • Five Stars – cPanel with Softaculos and 1-click installs, CMS integrations, DNS, free website migration, automated daily backups, free domain transfer/registration, email services

Global Presence 

  • One Star – data center in a single location
  • Two Stars – two to three server locations worldwide
  • Three Stars – server network dispersed on at least two continents
  • Four Stars – a well-dispersed network covering four to five continents and multiple locations
  • Five Stars – a well-established server network with data centers across multiple continents, Cloudflare CDN, speed-enhancing and caching technologies

Free SSL

  • One Star – the provider doesn’t offer SSL certificates 
  • Two Stars – SSL certificates are only available as paid add-ons
  • Three Stars – free Let’s Encrypt included in each web hosting plan
  • Four Stars – each customer gets a free SSL certificate with the possibility to upgrade to a more advanced solution
  • Five Stars – a variety of SSL certificates available as cheap add-ons with one free SSL included for each account

Free Backups

  • One Star – the provider doesn’t offer free backups
  • Two Stars – weekly backups performed by the provider, while the customer can perform a few manual backups 
  • Three Stars – daily automated backups and snapshots stored on-site
  • Four Stars – automated backup service, backups kept for weeks with the option to download copies to local storage 
  • Five Stars – hourly/daily/nightly backups kept in a different location/offsite for data loss recovery

Email Accounts

  • One Star – no email subscription included for free
  • Two Stars – customers get an email with each web hosting plan 
  • Three Stars – up to a few email accounts with each plan
  • Four Stars – email hosting is available as a separate service
  • Five Stars – custom, feature-rich email service that allows clients to set up a custom email address and use it to send and receive emails, included for free

Website Builder

  • One Star – the hosting packages don’t include tools for building a website
  • Two Stars – a Website Builder available as a paid add-on
  • Three Stars – Website Builder with only a few basic features included in all web hosting packages, or an advanced version limited to the more expensive plans
  • Four Stars – a comprehensive and easy-to-use Website Builder available in all web hosting packages
  • Five Stars – customers can choose from beginner-friendly, high-quality Website Builders with 1-click installs or other integrations

Free Migration

  • One Star – no free website migration included 
  • Two Stars – a single free site migration for each customer, possibly with errors
  • Three Stars – time-consuming migration process with a lot of downtimes
  • Four Stars – fast and efficient, automated website migrations available in all web hosting plans
  • Five Stars – fast and human-powered, free website migrations included in each package, with no downtime


  • One Star – poor performance and feature set, no flexibility or support services
  • Two Stars – low long-term contracts and technical support available
  • Three Stars – improved website performance, enhanced security, high uptime, and unlimited resources
  • Four Stars – brand building possibilities with liberty in web design and templates, a high SERP, and branded email address 
  • Five Stars – the ultimate customization options and flexibility in pricing, design, and hardware


  • One Star – a minimum of a free SSL certificate
  • Two Stars – free, user-friendly control panel, SSL certificates, domains, and backups
  • Three Stars – other speed-enhancing and security features, such as caching, WAF, malware scan and removal, etc.
  • Four Stars – free domain registration/transfer, at least one email account, automated backups, Cloudflare CDN, SSDs, other advanced technologies, and tools
  • Five Stars – many free goods included, up to unlimited email accounts, website migrations, hourly backups, Softaculous with 1-click installs, CMS integrations, including WordPress, and more



  • One Star – no uptime guarantee, frequent outages, no compensation for downtime
  • Two Stars – insufficient uptime guarantee with lots of “tricky” issues in the SLA
  • Three Stars – real-time results below 99.9%, timely notifications for scheduled maintenance
  • Four Stars – very reliable uptime of 99.95% or above with compensations for downtime
  • Five Stars – excellent uptime of 99.999% to 100% availability, backed up with real-time testing and results

User Friendly

Ease of Use

  • One Star – no free control panel/dashboard included 
  • Two Stars – custom control panel that’s not as straightforward; confusing to beginners
  • Three Stars – straightforward and comprehensive custom control panel or paid integration with popular alternatives, such as cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, Webmin, etc. 
  • Four Stars – you get an excellent control panel free of charge, along with self-help for navigating its hosting features (video tutorials, step-by-step instructions)
  • Five Stars – popular control panel integration or a custom solution, self-help articles/videos, and instant chat customer support available for assistance in the process

Creating an Account

  • One Star – shady registration process that might impose security and privacy concerns on the customer
  • Two Stars – lots of required fields and information; account activation might take up to several days
  • Three Stars – an encrypted process that protects the user but might be time-consuming and take over 24 hours
  • Four Stars – straightforward account registration with customer service available for additional assistance in the process
  • Five Stars – instant account activation with only a few required fields in the process

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

  • One Star – the web hosting plan isn’t WordPress optimized
  • Two Stars – transferring a domain or installing WordPress requires tech skill or experience
  • Three Stars –straightforward process of connecting a domain and installing WP, with just a few clicks
  • Four Stars – WordPress-optimized hosting packages demonstrating excellent ease of use with 1-click installs and domain transfers
  • Five Stars – customers can choose from several options, either 1-click installs, automated or manual processes, depending on their needs and skill