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Koplietošanas hostings €3,55 - €13,02
Tīmekļa veidotājs €1,89 - €12,30
SSL €37,88 - €284,17
Collin Deal

Piesprausta atsauksme

Collin Deal,
I started off my blog on Wordpress and was very underwhelmed at the amount of traffic I was getting (maybe I'm just a bad writer). I decided to get my own domain and just have my blog on that, rather ...Lasīt vairākthan through Wordpress. Transferring everything from Wordpress to my new Domain, which was bought for a very cheap price I might add, was a bit harder than I thought. I called the support team and they stayed on the phone with me until they were sure my website was up and running. They were very nice and talked me through the steps in an easy-to-understand way. After I started college I found I just didn't have the time to blog anymore so my plan was to just let my subscription cancel. I received emails telling me the subscription was ending soon, but being my dumb self, I didn't even read the rest of the email that blatantly said if I didn't do anything it would just auto-renew. It wasn't until I had a charge to my credit card that I noticed my website did NOT expire. Two days after the auto-renewal and the charge went through on my account, I called them expecting to be told they couldn't do anything for me. However, the person I talked to on the phone reassured me that they could refund my money and end my subscription. They said they were sad to see me go, but completely understood since I could no longer use my own website anymore. I may not have the need for my own Domain now, but if I ever do again I will for sure come back to Domain.com. They will work with you one-on-one to make sure you get everything exactly how you want it, even if that means losing a customer. The support team is amazing and I highly recommend!Mazāk


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Domain.com plāni, cenas un iespējas – 2022 gadā

Koplietošanas hostinga plāni

Plāna nosaukums Vieta Joslas platums Panelis Vietņu skaits Cena Rezultāts
Linux Basic Neierobežots Neierobežots 1 €3,55 4.0 Informācija
Linux Deluxe Neierobežots Neierobežots Neierobežots €6,39 3.1 Informācija
Linux Ultra Neierobežots Neierobežots Neierobežots €13,02 3.1 Informācija

Tīmekļa veidošanas plāni

Plāna nosaukums Vieta Joslas platums Iespējas Cena Rezultāts
Starter Neierobežots
Build up to 6 pages
Over 550k images available for use
Pre-built sections and page layouts
SEO tools
Chat and email support
€1,89 3.1 Informācija
Business Neierobežots
+ Starter Plan features
Build unlimited pages for your site
Revision history for pages
Analytics integration
Telephone support
€6,62 3.1 Informācija
eCommerce Neierobežots
+ Business Plan features
Sell products online
Inventory management and tracking
PayPal integration
Offer coupon codes and promotions
Telephone support
€12,30 3.1 Informācija

SSL plāni

Plāna nosaukums Iespējas Garantija Cena Rezultāts
Domain Validated SSL
Secure customer information
May help boost Google rankings
TrustLogo® Site Seal
€9 472,50 €37,88 2.0 Informācija
Wildcard SSL
Secure customer information
May help boost Google rankings
TrustLogo® Site Seal
Protect multiple subdomains
€236 812,50 €113,66 3.1 Informācija
E-commerce SSL
Secure customer information
May help boost Google rankings
TrustLogo® Site Seal
Enhanced e-commerce conversion
Green "trust" visual bar
€1 657 687,50 €284,17 3.1 Informācija

Apskatīt līdzīgus hostinga uzņēmumus:

  • 9
    Naudas atgriešana 30 dienas
    Bezmaksas domēns
    Starting Price
    €1,89 / mo
    17 Hostinga plāni
    10 Data Centers
    Apmeklēt vietni
  • 23
    Naudas atgriešana 30 dienas
    Ekspertu atsauksme
    Starting Price
    €9,47 / mo
    25 Hostinga plāni
    24 Data Centers
    Apmeklēt vietni

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